songs of the week // october 7th, 2019

Lately, I’ve been listening to:


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Only Human // Jonas Brothers

Most of the albums I was looking forward to this summer either came out right at the start or end. Towards the middle, there weren’t any releases, so I was still playing the songs off my previous post. I ended my summer Labor Day weekend seeing the Jonas Brothers at Hershey Park Stadium with over 40,000 people & it was an absolute spectacle.


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Atrocity Exhibition // Joy Division

If we’re being honest, I never got into the early days of punk. My personal pick was the sub-genre, pop-punk (ya know – All Time Low, The Wonder Years, A Day to Remember). Around August I had more 2012 soft grunge nostalgia. I was in the mood for something in the realm of the 1975 / Arctic Monkeys but not that exactly.. then I remembered Joy Division. I was into them for a hot minute in high school but when I revisited Closer, I couldn’t understand how I wasn’t more into them back in the day.


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Stop & Go // The Regrettes

Probably the release I was most looking forward to this summer (apart from the Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins) was The Regrettes How Do You Love? Their sound took a more vintage vibe & matured from their 2017 debut, but it still packed a punch of girl power.


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Circles // Post Malone

Honestly, one of my favorite albums of this year has been Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding. I remember hearing his Nirvana covers in 2017 & always hoped he would take more of a rock turn & I am so glad he did. He manages to appeal to mass amounts of people with minimal effort. At this point in his career, Posty has made something for most everyone’s tastes.


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A Serpent’s Touch // Knocked Loose

Another favorite release of mine has been Knocked Loose’s A Different Shade of Blue. Hardcore is a genre I’m selective with but I’ve enjoyed most of Knocked Loose’s previous work.


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songs of the week // july 15th, 2019

For the past month, I’ve been listening to:


Unholy // Miley Cyrus

She is here. Can’t believe one, but two of my fave childhood artists dropped new music for the start of the summer. I’ve been loving the first of 3 EP’s to make up Miley’s new record She is Miley Cyrus. It has condensed most of her sound from recent years into one album & it all blends so well. Anxiously awaiting the release of the other 2 EP’s.


Every Single Time // Jonas Brothers

As much as I love the Jonas Brothers…. I won’t lie I barely listen to their old music. They’ve taken the best elements from DNCE, Nick’s solo records, added a twist, & have released their best album to date.


I Dare You // The Regrettes

The Regrettes are a band I stumbled on earlier this year & have simply fallen in love with. Ironically, their next album How Do You Love? will explore more on the topic of love. As much as I love the angsty feminist energy from their first record, I’m excited to see the band trudge into a softer territory, while still remaining punk af of course.


You Never Knew // Haim

In 2017, it seemed that nearly every artist I listen to released an album. Something to Tell You (sadly) was one of the forgotten ones. My timing may not be so bad though, the 3 sisters just deactivated their Instagram’s in order to tease the crap out of their next project on the band’s main page. Also including the Urban exclusive cover on this because why not.

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songs of the week // june 4th, 2019

Lately, I’ve been listening to:


A Living Human Girl // The Regrettes

A jam to remind all of us girls that we are just human & don’t need to live up to society’s expectations (well… technically that’s Lydia Night’s whole manifesto)



Church // Aly & AJ

I know the Jonas Brothers are currently getting all the glory for their comeback. Honestly? Aly & AJ may have the best glow up. The sister duo originally launched their Ten Years EP in August 2017 & later a deluxe edition in November 2018. Their newest EP Sanctuary released last month & the breezy synth-pop is a huge departure from their earlier sound, but I cannot recommend their new work enough.



Sun Tan // Wallows

Finally, one of Wallows OG singles off of my summer playlist (which is now live)


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songs of the week // may 6th, 2019

Lately, I’ve been listening to:

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Love Drought // Beyonce

Lemonade was not only one of my favorite releases of 2016, but it’s grown to one of my albums of all time. So so happy it’s finally on Spotify.


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It’s Only Right // Wallows

After indulging in Wallows debut album Nothing Happens upon its release, I decided to give the OG singles & Spring EP a chance. Needless to say, I have more reasons to love the band than before.

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Japan // Rex Orange County

A feature off of my spring 2019 playlist (linked below)


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Crazy for You // Best Coast

My resurgence into indie / lo-fi has brought me full circle to my roots, Best Coast. Crazy for You & California Nights was the soundtrack to a majority of my time in college.


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songs of the week // april 8th, 2019

Lately I’ve been listening to:

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Nunya // Kehlani feat. Dom Kennedy

Can we talk about how Kehlani dropped a whole mixtape while 8 months pregnant? An absolute goddess. While We Wait has been my fave R&B album since SZA’s 2017 debut Crtl. The record overall has an early 2000’s vibe that I find irresistible yet nostalgic, Nunya is by far my favorite song from the tape.


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all the good girls go to hell // Billie Eilish

As a (proud) member of the tumblr generation, I’m going to be bold & call Billie the new princess of alternative. She is genuinely doing what no one else is daring to in pop music. I’m a newer fan but I enjoy that the album is similar to Don’t Smile at Me with a darker edge.


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Treacherous Doctor // Wallows

Wallows debut Nothing Happens has become my favorite release in a while. If indie music doesn’t make me nostalgic for falling in love & summertime, I don’t wanna hear it. Currently awaiting the arrival of my limited edition orange LP from Urban Outfitters. 🤗


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Biking // Frank Ocean feat. Jay-Z & Tyler, the Creator

A forgotten gem that will carry me through the summer


I’ll be linking my spring playlist as my ‘latest playlist’ tomorrow as well so stay tuned for her 🙂

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songs of the week // march 11th, 2019

This month I’ve been listening to:

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Lucky Strike // Troye Sivan

I’m (unofficially) declaring 2019 the year of indie pop. A genre I had fallen out of for some time but now completely immersed in, again.


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needy // Ariana Grande

Good God, Ari is simply killing it. She’s been featured on at least half of my monthly songs since my comeback last summer.


A disc wrapped in barbed wire inside a jewel case

Ball For Me feat. Nicki Minaj // Post Malone

Posty is one of my favorite top 40 artists in the game. I love the way he effortlessly blends contrasting genres to create his own musical fusion. Fun fact: I actually saw him open up for Justin Bieber in 2016 shortly after White Iverson blew up, & of course I had no clue who he was & am deeply sad I didn’t appreciate the experience.


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songs of the week // february 11th, 2019

For the past month, I’ve been listening to:

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Celestica // Crystal Castles

I kicked off 2019 with some moody tunes & amongst them was one of my favorite albums from 2012/13, Crystal Castles (II). You’ll often find me speaking fondly of my tumblr days, tumblr was a huge foundation for my aesthetic & individuality. A lot of the artists I found during this time I still listen to.


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ocean eyes // Billie Eilish

Okay, I finally jumped on the Billie Eilish train & just in time for her debut album. I came across Bellyache on a Lorde / Lana Del Rey station last fall & was captivated by her haunting vocals. I gave don’t smile at me a chance this past month & I l didn’t take it off rotation for a week.


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in the dark // Bring Me the Horizon

Every project BMTH releases brings something different & they are constantly pushing themselves as artists. They’ve remained one of my favorite artists since high school for this reason. Although I was slightly (very) disappointed the rumor of Post Malone being featured on amo was false, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that synth-pop artist Grimes was taking that spot.


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