hannah. infj. punky veg girl. cruelty-free beauty.

An eccentric web design graduate dwelling in my parents basement. (Formerly, Pittsburgh but I had no luck finding a job & was forced to relocate. So yes, I am embodying the stereotype of graduating college & returning to your parents basement.) Since my early teens, I was inspired by YouTubers & bloggers but never knew how to get started. Luckily, when I started my education at the Art Institutes I fell into the skills of video editing, internet marketing, & page layouts. These were the perfect skills to put fuel into my little dream. All I desire from life is to travel & create. In 2014, I became a vegetarian & in the process also decided to go cruelty-free as well – All products featured will be cruelty-free. This change had a large impact on perspective. It inspired me to live minimal & sustainable.

Get to know me a little more. Textbook introvert. I enjoy using brushes – whether that be for makeup or painting. I am a self-expressionist. Besides painting & makeup, my other means of self-expression are writing, music, photography, & fashion. Personal style is one of the simplest ways for anyone to express themselves. My own personal style is boho punk, this style balances my alternative nature & low-key gypsy soul with a touch of girly girl. A big reason why I enjoy blogging is because of writing. I also enjoy writing poetry & lyrics, writing & publishing a few books is at the top of my bucket list. Delighted you stopped by & I hope you stick by to check out more of my journey. ♡

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