22 facts about me //


Hello everyone ♡ Today I’m celebrating 22 years of life (as best I can, I’m moving Saturday) & thought I would share 22 facts about me! I’ve never done a get to know me post, so this is the perfect time.

1.) Yes, there were fireworks going off when I was born

2.) I’m an only child

3.) I believe my interest in traveling was sparked because my family moved around a lot when I was younger. The longest I was in one school was 4 years. For most of my life, I’ve lived in Pennsylvania but I’ve also lived in North Carolina & Arizona for short periods.

4.) I’ve had dogs all my life & our current furry friend is a (very) feisty 4-year-old Pomeranian named Norbert, he was named after Hagrid’s dragon in the Sorcerer’s Stone

5.) Some of my favorite foods are pad thai, tacos, burritos, peaches, avocados, & almond butter

6.) I have never flown on an airplane

7.) I currently have no tattoos & 5 piercings

8.) I practice yoga & meditation 5 – 7 days a week & I’m now starting to incorporate pilates

9.) You’ll rarely find me wearing shoes that aren’t Dr. Martens or Vans

10.) I’ve been interested in thrift & vintage fashion since I was young & recently I’ve been purchasing more & more clothes via thrifting, mostly online with Poshmark & Depop

11.) Being a vegetarian, I only purchase cruelty-free makeup & some of my favorite CF brands are Tarte, Kat Von D, & NYX. My favorite makeup products are highlighters & liquid lipsticks.

12.) I absolutely adore movies. I’m not too picky, but animation & horror are my favorite genres. Some of my personal favorites are Harry Potter, Star Wars, the Shining, 10 Things I Hate About You, Spirited Away, Mulan, & Tangled.

13.) As much as I love movies, I don’t feel the same way as TV. I’ve grown more fond of it in recent years but movies > TV, in my opinion. If I’m not binging Fixer Upper you’ll find me watching Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, or American Horror Story. (But mostly Game of Thrones)

14.) My dream car is either a Volkswagen Beetle or a Jeep Wrangler

15.) A few of my favorite subjects to explore are philosophy (particularly metaphysics), psychology, & astrology

16.) My favorite season is autumn & I love Halloween

17.) I have never broken a bone but I did sprain my knee in a snowboarding accident my senior year of high school

18.) Music has been a huge influence on my life & I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10. I love classic rock, 90’s music, pop punk, & indie. Some of my favorite artists are Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, the Doors, Best Coast, Lana Del Rey, Lights, Frank Ocean, the Story So Far, & Bob Marley & the Wailers.

19.) I have never been out of the country but I plan to get my passport once I’m settled with my move

20.) I have never fully died my hair. I had some hot pink streaks my sophomore year of college & that’s all.

21.) I actually unknowingly got into web coding while in high school. I wanted to change a color on my tumblr blog & ended up maneuvering my way through the code to do it

22.) I completed my bachelor’s degree in only 3 years

2 thoughts on “22 facts about me //

    1. hannahalaine_

      only children unite ✊🏻 it keeps me balanced + centered so if I don’t do it i’m so out of whack! you should definitely at least try it

      Liked by 1 person

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