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You guys! I am alive! I got super sick right after graduation and got back on my feet about two weeks ago (had to catch up on those applications though🙄 ). I’m making my long-awaited return with a review of the Girlboss Netflix series! Click below to find out my thoughts – there will be spoilers.

Okay this is your last warning for the spoilers but if you clicked this far you clearly dgaf. I’m not diving too deep into the background but if you aren’t familiar, #Girlboss was a book published by Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amaruso in 2014. Sophia started Nasty Gal on accident. She was working as a security guard at an art school which had a ton of downtime. In this downtime, she started an eBay store reselling vintage clothes. She got kicked off eBay for sharing the link to, but once the solo site kicked off – the rest is history. #Girlboss was about 80% her story & 20% advice. I have previously reviewed the book here, because it’s personally one of my favorites. So naturally, when it was announced the book was being turned into a series I was very stoked.

The show has been coming under a ton of scrutiny and I can understand why. Even though I do not agree with the way everything was set up on the show, I don’t dislike it entirely and I can understand where some of these decisions may have come into play.

When the beginning credits say that the telling is real loose, they mean it. They keep the heart of the story which is Sophia not really having any passions in life & accidentally starting her own business. I genuinely feel like the advertising for Girlboss conveyed the wrong message. To me, it was played off that they were taking the story exactly how it was and creating a show. Which obviously was not done.

Although Sophia pokes fun here and there in the novel, the show has a much lighter tone. This has high and low points. This light-heartedness, although is great for entertainment purposes does not thoroughly convince its fanbase to follow their passion in making their dreams come true. & if you’ve been keeping up with reviews on Girlboss, I’m going to sound like a broken record & scrutinize TV Sophia. TV Sophia is as bitchy as they come. She takes nobodies advice, commits petty theft, & goes as far as not giving her best friend / partner in crime, Annie a paid position at Nasty Gal (even though she truly is the backbone of the business) because she completely underestimates all the help Annie gives to the business.

The thing is, the show was trying to promote a feminist message & they are not promoting a very promising message of girl power with Sophia’s brash treatment of basically everyone around her. Obviously, I do not agree with the portrayal of the main character. Since the show is not being told in a biographical sense, they are compressing the early tellings of the book & spreading them throughout the show. This being, they are likely setting up TV Sophia for character development in later seasons. You do see a slight maturity in TV Sophia at the very end of the show.

Kay Cannon, one of the executive producers on the show said they purposely didn’t create an unlikeable character. So, I can understand giving her narcissistic tendencies & maybe not always takes the advice of others around. To me that’s incredibly realistic, it seems though that the creators of the show were not out to make a leader for girls. Which is fine, but I find that it should’ve been more widely spoken. Taking the seriousness out of the show made it easier to transfer it into a series. I think the show could spark interest to those who haven’t read the book yet or are not familiar with vintage & alternative fashion.

Even though you guys might be thinking I totally did not enjoy the show because everything that I just said, but I did enjoy it. It’s simply great entertainment & I really like that they didn’t compress the entire novel into one season so it leaves more room for more seasons. & for the possibility to add in the corporate adventures of Nasty Gal?


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