H&M Work Clothing Haul

Happy New Year everyone! The start of 2017 means graduation is right around the corner. In all honesty, my biggest concern with graduating has to be my wardrobe, it isn’t exactly work ready.. For as long as I can remember, my wardrobe has mostly been band tees, jeans, & Vans.

Throughout all of 2016, graduation loomed in my mind. I tried my best to pick up more versatile pieces that would be appropriate for work & personal endeavors. I recently stopped into H&M on a whim & they were having a massive sale. I couldn’t help myself, but I managed to come across some amazing pieces.


Dress shoes are always difficult for me to come by. I’m either wearing Dr. Martens or Vans at any given moment, so I don’t have much versatility. I was so happy when I came across not only one but two pairs of flats. The green ballet flats on the left were my most expensive pick of the day at $12.99. I tried my luck rummaging through a clearance rack & came across the striped ones for $5.


The next item I picked up wasn’t exactly for work but it was gorgeous & I couldn’t resist. This beautiful printed shawl was only $7.


I was (& still am) completely ecstatic about this find. It just exudes, me. I wear quirky printed tees constantly, so why not bring that into my work wear? I managed to score this top for $5.


In all honesty, I haven’t been vibing with the return of turtlenecks. Although they have been modernized & are cuter than what they were, I’ve had a disdain towards them since I was young. Recently, they have been growing on me. I’m not ready to fully commit, so I was hoping to come across a mock turtleneck & I did! This one was $7.


This was another piece that I felt made me feel like, me. Let me have all the patterned blouses for work clothes, please. The hummingbird blouse was $10.


A go to for ‘dress up’ clothes has been plain shirts. They simply get the job done without making me feel out of place. This was the other full priced item I picked up at $9.99. For some flair, I added a $2 choker I purchased off of Amazon last year.


This last find may have been my favorite of the day. Another trend that has grown on me is denim. How unfortunate that this beauty was purchased at one of the coldest times of the year. This find was $10.

In the end, I ended up saving nearly $50 on all my items with their discounted prices & a 15% coupon from H&M’s conscious program. I encourage everyone to participate in it, you can simply drop off a grocery bag of at least 3 textile items that are damaged or in perfect condition (even bed sheets, towels, curtains, etc) & you will receive a 15% coupon that that can be used immediately. The items either get donated or are used to create clothes for H&M’s conscious line which is made entirely from recycled textiles. So, don’t hesitate to clear out your closet, get a discount on some new finds, & help make a difference. 🙂


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