the Power of Fakeup

Whew! Hey guys it’s been a while & I apologize. 🙂 I moved at the end of the summer but I am also preparing to graduate from college in March! I’m very excited and of course very busy, but things are starting to wind down. So to the post….

With the rise of social media, indie makeup brands have a completely different platform compared to a few years ago. Indie brands can quickly gain cult followings & spread like wildfire across the web. Most of these brands are very difficult to purchase product from. With the difficulty to come across these products dupes / fakes are extremely easy to come across on eBay, the Wish app, Poshmark, even Instagram, & as well as Facebook.

Brands that are most commonly duped are Jeffree Star Cosmetics & Kylie Cosmetics. It is not unusual to see Lime Crime, as well as Kat Von D & Too Faced (most commonly the limited edition Sweet Peach Palette). These sellers are not just buying bulk product & reselling for cheap – they are importing fake products from China. That is why they are SO cheap. These products are in no way affiliated with Kylie, Jeffree, or Kat.

The saddest & scariest part is that no one knows what ingredients are in these products. Fake makeup products have recently come to more media attention with Jeffree Star & Kylie Jenner themselves calling out these sellers & making sure their fans & customers know where to buy their products. Followers of both retailers were sharing photos of fakes with the respective owners. Some of the Kylie Jenner fakes are speculated to have glue in them due to the product making people’s lips stick together.


@kate_mad14 of Twitter shared this photo with Jeffree Star. Sometimes the packaging & colors are so close you can barely tell them apart – but not in this case.


@heyitshammet also shared this image with Jeffree via Twitter regarding his fake highlighters. The differences in product as well as packaging are very clear.


@kate_mad14 also shared this image with Jeffree about fake Kylie Cosmetics lipkits. The font on all fake Kylie packaging is noticeably less bold. The colors tend to be very off as well.


YouTuber / Blogger Kristen Leanne recently posted a video to her YouTube channel testing the real & fake Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palettes. The fake palette is on the left & as mentioned above, you can see the noticeable difference in the font.

Money can be difficult at times but it is well worth it to save up & patiently await a restock rather than risk your health (users of fake products have reported chemical burns as well as rashes from the products).

Kylie Cosmetics are only available worldwide on Kylie Jenner’s official website:

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is only available in the US on

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is only available in Europe on:

*All photos credit to the owners, I do not own any of these photos.


2 thoughts on “the Power of Fakeup

    1. thank you, i’m glad you enjoyed 🙂 i thought the same thing after jeffree & kylie acknowledged it.


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