Posh Your Way to the Top

Hey everyone! Sorry for the post delay, I’m moving this coming weekend so I have been quite busy. So to the post – if you are new to Poshmark or want to know more about it, this is the post for you. I’ve been selling on Poshmark since April 2016. I came upon the app earlier but never bothered with it.  After really finding what clothes make me feel the most like a lady boss – & wanting to ditch some of my old band tees, I decided the give the app a try. I truthfully don’t understand why I didn’t start sooner! If you work with it effectively you will get rid of unwanted clothing with ease & end up with some extra cash. Here are some tips to helping you sell better & more efficently.

Be nice.

I know. This is common sense but I had to knock out the most obvious first. Obviously, treat your fellow poshers with love & respect – (as you should any other human or animal!) – but don’t be afraid to go the extra mile. Answer questions & offers back as promptly as possible. If someone shares one of your listings, return the favor. Include a card thanking your customers for their purchases. My customers are currently getting free bracelets due to my moving clean out.


Again, common sense. But if there’s a stain, say it. If there’s a rip, say it. If you’ve sewn a rip up – say it. You’d be upset if you purchased an item with a flaw that wasn’t mentioned, so be honest.

Be descriptive.

Descriptions are key with online shopping & a huge advantage to something like Poshmark is being able to have your descriptions come off in a cohesive manner. Personally, I don’t include measurements unless I’m selling a handbag or if something does not fit true to size. Be sure to state as well if you do trades or accept offers. Don’t be afraid to use some emojis to spice up your titles & descriptions.

Paitence is a virtue.

As convienent as Poshmark can be, it truly isn’t a quick fix for selling all of your items. You may get more per item then at a resale shop but, some items will sell more quickly than others. Anything in style at the moment or  popular brands is a go to buy. A tip from Poshmark is to sell in season clothes.With my expierence, I haven’t found it to be the case. I’ve had a pair of jean shorts in my closet since the day I made my first listings (early April), but I’ve sold every sweater & pair of pants listed.

Good photography.

Easily the most important tip for my fellow poshers. You want your product to be seen in its own full glory! Putting a little bit of effort into your photos can make the world of a difference – model your clothes, edit your photos, use good lighting, & have a nice set up. If you aren’t familar with basic editing techniques now would be the time to do a quick YouTube or Google search. I still live in a dorm in downtown, so lighting is not my best friend. Floresant lighting + obsquered natural lighting from tall buildings does not mix well.


I hope this article was helpful & feel free to check out my closet here, if you are new use my code JVZDA to get a $5 credit when you join. Until next time. ♡

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